Mentoring at-risk youth with Wrestling

We're on a Mission

The Mission of ReShoot is to empower youth athletes to be Made of More through the principles of competitive wrestling — hard work, discipline, self-belief, honor, dedication, and respect — that will help guide them to success on and off the mat.
ReShoot Members and Tommy Gannt

How it Started

ScrapLife believes that there is more to wrestling than wins and losses and that making a difference in the community is as critical to the brand as anything else.  
As many young student athletes don’t have a great support system nor the resources to be successful on and off the mat, the idea of ReShoot was born to fill that void.

Tommy Gantt, a high-level wrestler with a heart for hurting communities came on board to lead the program and to be the voice and role model for what it stands for. Champion Academy, an established mentoring program that works with at-risk teens in Rochester, NY helps provide structure, experience and support for the initiative.
Tommy Gantt
ScrapLife is the authentic wrestling apparel brand built with the mission of being Made of More. Doing more means going above and beyond making battle tested gear for the best athletes in the sport.  It means showing what you are made of off the mat and that is where Reshoot comes into play.
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Champion Academy is an extreme mentoring program that works with at-risk teens, helping them fight for their future. They have provided support and structure the ReShoot as it starts growing.

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Every Kid Deserves an Opportunity

ReShoot helps young aspiring wrestlers who don't have the resources to be successful by providing mentorship, accountability and gear from ScrapLife. ReShoot supports teens at school, at home, in the community with team building, academic focus, strength training and life skills. We are developing community leaders, scholars, and champions on and off the mat.

Meet Tommy

Tommy was all American at NC State, a 2019 US Open Finalist and a 2019 USA World Cup Bronze Medalist.  He grew up in a challenging environment surrounded by poverty and gangs. He used the principles of wrestling to move past those challenges and to create a successful career and life. Now he's teaching those principles to teens growing up in a similar situation in order to help them find their way to a successful future.

Character Building

ReShoot members are trained inside and out by top-level athletes. Leaving them with the skills to face life head-on and get up when it knocks them down.

Academic Focus

ReShoot members will understand that education is the foundation of success. Members will be provided with the critical support, consistency, and accountability necessary for them to excel in the classroom and put them in position to be college ready.

Physical Fitness

ReShoot members are taught strength training and endurance by World Champion ScrapLife athletes. This gets them ready to compete with opponents on the mat and to be in shape to succeed off the mat as well.

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Long Island, NY | Cahokia, IL | Raleigh, NC


Tommy hosts wrestling fundamentals clinic for Reshoot members at Mongoose Elite Wrestling


Tommy visits School #17 in the Rochester City School District to talk to modified wrestlers on how Wrestling has impacted his life for the better, and how ReShoot could provide the same opportunities for them as it did Tommy


Tommy visits Rochester, NY, and leads a Saturday morning fitness class with the youth of the Champion Academy at Cobbs Hill Park

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ReShoot members with Tommy Gantt

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